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The following members were present :
Dr. S.N.S. Randhawa


President, ISVM

Vice-President, ISVM
1. Dr. D.S. Nauriyal
Joint General Secretary, ISVM
1. Dr. R.G. Jani
Regional Secretary
1. Dr. Ashok Kumar
Ex-General Secretary, ISVM
1. Dr. J.L. Singh
Regional Secretary
1. Dr. V.S. Wazir
Assistant Editor, IJVM
1. Dr. Sumit Mahajan
Member, Editorial Board, IJVM
1. Dr. Ajay Katoch
The following decisions were taken unanimously on the various issues discussed earlier in the Executive Committee (EC) meeting held on 16 & 18 Feb, 2016.
At the beginning, The President welcom' ed all the executive members :
1) Deferment of ISVM awards was decided by the President ISVM without the concurrence of GB as he had received complaints on inviting applications for 2014 awards from many sections of the society from various states regarding not receiving any intimation from the General Secretary. Later on the President also found out certain lapses in the list of applicants and Jury. While the matter was brought to the notice of the Executive Committee on 16/02/2016, the President and General Secretary of the past Executive Committee regretted for the same. Under the present circumstances, GB is requested to ratify the action of President for having deferred ISVM awards for the year 2014. It was also found that the names of few applicants have also appeared in the list of jury. The appointment of jury was not as per the rules of the ISVM which are there on the ISVM website. Hence, the applications will be reinvited. GB approved the deferment of awards.
2) The issue regarding the deferment of ISVM awards for the year 2015 was also discussed at length. The President apprised the house of not having received any communication whatsoever from the General Secretary regarding the awards due to which they had to be deferred. GB approved the deferment of awards.
3) It was decided that audited accourit of ISVM conference held at Jammu in the year 2014 should be provided by the Organizing Secretary before the 35th Annual Convention and on approval, will be honored at that convention.
4) Some of the GB members raised the issue of having received enquiries from aspirants, who want to enroll themselves as ISVM life-members. It was also informed that some new life members who had either deposited the life membership fees at Pookode or had already sent the money through demand draft have neither received the life membership certificates nor any communication from the office of the General Secretary and Treasurer.
5) The issue regarding the conferment'oflife time achievement award for the year 2015 on two renowned professionals, instead of one, as specified in the bylaws of ISVM was discussed. The Executive Committee owned the responsibility and resolved to write a letter to Prof. S.K. Misra, Founder President ISVM, expressing its regret for the same.
6) It was also revealed that the Life Time Achievement Awards instituted by the M/S Indian Herbs, Saharanpur should have been appropriately named as "Shri Ram Lal Agrawal Memorial Life time Achievement Award" which was not mentioned in the citation presented to Prof. S.K. Misra and Prof. V. Ganaprakasam in the ISVM Conference 2015. The Ex-General Secretary and Ex-President accepted that ideally the details of the award should have been put in the GBM at ISVM Pookode, 2015 for ratification which was not done. They further asked for change in the name of award in the EC meeting and same was then approved in EC and then ratified by the GBM during this ISVM convention.
7) The GB expressed its concern over the defunct office of General Secretary 1SVM and the Treasurer which had caused lots of administrative, financial and other complications in the functioning of ISVM during the last one year.
8) The matter of rendering the ISVM website non functional was discussed and it was agreed to update the website regularly in future. Dr. K. Vijay Kumar apprised the EC meeting on 18.2.2016 about the initiation of ISVM website and the difficulties that he faced during the last one year because of the non-payment of money to the firm responsible for maintaining the website. GB approved the decision and decided to provide funds from ISVM account by the General Secretary to keep website functional.
9) He also informed that the website registration fee of ISVM website will expire on March 31, 2016 and the money has to be released for this purpose from ISVM funds to which the GB agreed.
10) The GB decided that amount of Rs. 7500/- already paid by the President ISVM towards the maintenance of 1SVM website will be reimbursed by the General Secretary within one month.
11) The issue of waiving off 10% registration fee by the Organizing Secretary of the ISVM conference was also discussed in EC meetings. It was decided to put up the issue before GBM. However, House unanimously agreed to waiving of submission of 10% registration fee with immediate effect.
12) It was decided that the Registration Fee of the state chapters will go to the Central Executive. If the state chapter has to host an event, the fund raising will be their responsibility. The state chapters contributing substantially to the Central Executive will get incentive for it.
13) Because of defunct office of the General Secretary, the decision for deciding 1SVM awards for 2014 and 2015 was taken. It was approved by GB as per EC decision that Dr. D.S. Nauriyal be given the responsibility of inviting fresh applications and handle the issue of the awards. However, General Secretary is requested to send previous applications within 2-week time to Dr. D.S. Nauriyal for initiating immediate action on pending ISVM awards.
14) The GB approved the name of Dr. Jaswinder Singh Soodan, Professor & Head, TVCC, SKAUST-Jammu (J & K) as Returning Officer to conduct the next ISVM election as proposed by members from various states and approved unanimously in the GBM. GBM requested the present General Secretary to extend all cooperation and financial support for smooth conduct of ISVM election.
15) The decision proposed by EC to increase the processing fee for all type of articles to be published in IJVM by Rupees 200/- (Rs Two hundred only) was debated and then waived off in GB. GB recommended that IJVM should be published online and next issue be released by 1st June, 2016. GB members were of the opinion that immediate efforts be made to increase the impact factor of the journal with minimum NAAS rating of 4.0.
16) GB decided to formulate committee to look into financial irregularities committed by immediate past General Secretary & Treasurer (2012-14). If they don't respond and cooperate with the committee within 3-month time, then further decision will be taken by EC and GB meeting in the 35th ISVM convention. The following committee was constituted:
  1. Dr. A.K. Upadhayay, Professor & Head, Department of Public Health & Epidemiology, COVAS, Pantnagar (Convener)
  2. Dr. R.S. Mandial, Professor, Department of Veterinary Medicine, COVAS, Palampur
  3. Dr. S.K. Gupta, Professor, Department of Veterinary Medicine, SKAUST-Jammu (J & K)

17) Venue of 35th ISVM convention was decided at Veterinary College, Tirunelveli, TANUVAS, Tamilnadu with Dr. Ramprabhu R., Professor & Head, Department of Veterinary Medicine as Organizing Secretary subject to getting approval of university competent authority within 2 months as assured by him.

18) The President apprised the EC and subsequently the GBM that the report of the committee, comprising of Dr. A.K. Gehlot, Dr. S. Prathaban and Dr. S.N.S. Randhawa, constituted for revision of scorecards for ISVM awards, was received by President on 13.2.2016 and the same will be sent to EC members and senior founder life members for comments which will be then finalized in next EC meeting and then put to GBM for approval and implementation for future ISVM awards (2016 onwards)

19) It was also decided that GB should be held on 2nd day of conference.

20) The GB appreciated the Organizing Committee of the current ISVM conference for the excellent hospitality and technical holding of the conference.
The meeting ended with the vote of thanks by the President.

The 26th ISVM Convention and National Symposium on Emerging Challenges and Strategies for Diseases and Health Management of Livestock, Pet and Zoo Animals were organized from 26-28 February 2008 at Ranchi Veterinary College , Birsa Agricultural University , Ranchi , Dr S. Haque, Chairman and Professor, Clinical Veterinary Medicine was the Organizing Secretary

The National Symposium was inaugurated by His Excellency Sri Syed Sibtey Razi, the Governor of Jharkhand and was presided over by Dr. N.N. Singh, Vice-chancellor, Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi.In the augural session, Dr NP Dakshinkar, General secretary of ISVM, presented report of ISVM activities during the past one year followed by presentation of ISVM awards and inaugural address by HE, Governor of Jharkhand State.

The inaugural session was followed by thematic session in which two theme lectures on The role of the veterinary profession in the decline and recovery of Vulture populations in South Asia by Dr. Richard Cuthbert from UK and on Emerging challenges in pet and zoo animal health care in India and strategies for their management mortality by Dr. P. Dhanapalan of Madras Veterinary College were delivered.

Besides thematic session, the National Symposium was spread over five more scientific sessions, one poster session, one young scientist award session, one field veterinarians’ award session and plenary session. In all, 16 lead papers and over 250 abstracts were presented by over 200 Scientists from all over the country and abroad. On the basis of deliberations and discussions during the thematic session, scientific sessions and the plenary session, the following recommendations were made:

  1. For conducting research work and getting financial support, following thrust areas in the discipline of veterinary medicine were identified
      (i) Emerging and re-emerging diseases of livestock.
      (ii) Ethno-veterinary medicine practices
      (iii) Wild and Zoo animal medicine
      (iv) Environmental health hazards

  2. With the threat of Bird Flu, Glanders and other diseases in the country, work must be carried out on emerging and re-emerging diseases on priority basis and proper diagnostic facilities should be developed for their control and containment.

  3. Use of ethnoveterinary medicine practices should be encouraged and their validation needs to be done by the clinicians scientifically.

  4. The work on environmental pollutants viz., heavy metals, xenobiotic and inorganic poisons should be taken on priority.

  5. The use of latest diagnostic facilities (electro-diagnostics and serodiagnostic) should be made mandatory in all the disease diagnosis laboratories of different veterinary colleges, polyclinics and other veterinary institutions in the country.

  6. The critical care/intensive care units must be established in all the veterinary colleges and institutions for proper training of the veterinary graduates on the health care of critically ill patients.

  7. There is urgent need to establish separate disciplines of Wildlife Medicine, Avian Medicine and Laboratory Animal Medicine to impart education, research and training in the emerging areas of wildlife, birds and laboratory animals.

  8. Following ban on diclofenac in veterinary practice, use of other NSAIDs should be promoted after evaluating their safety in respect to ecotoxicity

  9. To address the present needs of the society and scientific developments taking place, the prevention, control and therapeutic management of animal diseases should be given priority and the disciplines of Clinical Veterinary Medicine and Epidemiology and Preventive Veterinary Medicine must have separate identity for providing effective health care and preventive measures to livestock, pet and wild animals populations of the country. The syllabus of both the disciplines of Clinical Veterinary Medicine and Epidemiology & Preventive Veterinary Medicine should be revised in the context of present scenario.

  10. Continuing veterinary education and distance learning programmes need to be developed to upgrade the quality of veterinary medicine practices in the country.

  11. There is disparity in the service conditions of the veterinarians in Central Government and State Governments. The service conditions and the incentives extended to the Veterinary Professionals engaged in the Central Government viz. NPA and other allowances should be extended to the Veterinary Professionals engaged in the State Agricultural and Veterinary Universities also.

  12. In ASRB examinations, the discipline of Veterinary Medicine should not be clubbed with any other subject of veterinary sciences.

  13. In the disease investigation team for dealing outbreaks of infections/conditions, the persons from the discipline of Clinical Veterinary Medicine must be included.