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Indian Society of Veterinary Medicine is the Professional organisation of specialists in Veterinary Medicine in India. The Society was registered in the year 1981. A brief history of the society is given below.

On 28th July 1980, some 25 odd Veterinary Medicine specialists representing 15 different agricultural universities of the country gathered at the Department of Veterinary Medicine in Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana. They were there to attend a valedictory function as the participants of an ICAR Summer Institute on 'Production diseases with particular reference to rumen dysfunction’. Along with them were the learned faculty members of the Department of Veterinary Medicine PAU Ludhiana under the able leadership of the Director of Summer Institute Dr. S.K. Misra. The participants and faculty members univocally expressed their desire that a common 'platform' be created in the country for the teachers, research workers, extension specialists and field veterinarians with specialization in veterinary medicine who are devoted to the cause of animal health. They nominated an ad hoc committee under the leadership of Dr S.K. Misra, Prof. & Head Department of Veterinary Medicine, PAU Ludhiana to formulate the modalities for such an association and register it with the Registrar of societies besides mobilising more people to join the association. Dr P.C. Choudhuri was assigned the task of the General Secretary - cum - treasurer. Dr S.R. Bansal of HAU, Hisar, Dr D.B. Sarode of Nagpur Veterinary College, Dr A. Chakrabarti of Veterinary College, Calcutta and Dr T. Ganesh of Bangalore Veterinary College, were chosen as the regional secretaries. The 'Office bearers' of the newly created 'society' were also entrusted with the responsibility of bringing out a research journal exclusively developed to veterinary medicine. Subsequent meeting of this committee took place on 29.12.1980 in the Department of Medicine, PAU, Ludhiana. A draft constitution of the society was prepared and approved. The committee also elected Dr P. Rai of Veterinary College, Mathura as the Vice-President of the society and Dr B.B. Verma of Ranchi Veterinary College as the Chief Editor of the proposed research journal christened as The Indian Journal of Veterinary Medicine. Dr S.K. Ray of OUAT Bhubaneshwar, Dr S. Dhar of HAU Hisar and Dr P.A. Balu of Madras Veterinary College were to act as Editors of the journal. In addition to the four regional secretaries already nominated, names of Dr N.N. Pandey of IVRI and Dr S.N. Das of Maiduguri (Nigeria) were included as regional secretaries by the committee.

In less than 6 months, the idea of creating a platform for the 'people devoted to the cause of animal health' flourished and The Indian Society for Veterinary Medicine was registered on 27.1.1981 with the Registrar Firms and Societies, Punjab under the Society Act XXI of 1860 as amended by Punjab Amendment Act 1957. Subsequently the office bearers of the society mailed letters to Departments of Medicine of different veterinary colleges and research institutions inviting suggestions for the betterment of the society. The credit of preparing the insignia of the society goes to Dr Jagdip Singh Lotey, a first year student of B.V.Sc. & A.H. at Veterinary College PAU, Ludhiana.

The newly founded society achieved a significant milestone in its progress when the inaugural issue of the Indian Journal of Veterinary Medicine was published in December 1981. It was a great achievement by all standards because in addition to sound financial position, regular availability of standard research, clinical and review articles is an essential prerequisite for brining out an internationally acceptable periodical. The first Issue itself contained one review article on The role of rumen microbes in ruminant digestion written by the noted rumen microbiologist R.E. Hungate of the University of California, Davis, USA. There were 16 full length papers including clinical articles, and one short communication in the issue. This issue of the journal also contained messages from the Union Minister of Agriculture, Rural Reconstruction, Irrigation &C.S., Government of India and the Director General ICAR cum Secretary, DARE besides letters to the editor and tips to vets. The total expenditure incurred on the publication of the issue was Rs.6,000 out of which Rs.2,500 were collected as advertisement tariff. The journal was registered as a biannual publication at the press Branch of the Home Department, Government of Punjab with the Regd. No. 1/114/81/18642 dated 13.11.81.

During the subsequent years the society blossomed into a successful and active institution providing a scientific platform to the veterinary professionals, in general and veterinary medicine specialists in particular. The editorial in June 1982 issue of IJVM emphasising the demand of NPA for Veterinarians and that in December 1982 for revising curricula of B.V.Sc. & A.H., holding of national symposia on the topics relevant to the animal health problems in the country, and institution of various kinds of appreciation awards are some of the notable examples which signify concern of the society in this direction. It is also not out of place to mention that the journal of the ISVM is regular in its publication and bears an ISSN number. The society has so far organised 24 national symposia during the 25 years of its existence. The number of life member has risen to approx. 1500 and the financial position of the society is very sound. There are nine awards given under aegis of the society to the researchers and academicians in the discipline of veterinary medicine for their overall contributions in different subdisciplines such as indigenous medicine, canine medicine, bovine medicine, poultry medicine, etc. The society has associate itself with international forum - the World Association of Buiatrics. The time is not far away when it will get success in its endeavour to be on the forefront of the Scientific organisations not only in India but abroad also.